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About Us

Mahalo Tree Service is a privately owned, fully licensed tree removal company. We gather a team of dedicated arborists and tree technicians, aiming to provide the best tree service in Hollywood and surrounding areas.

Mahalo Tree offers fast, efficient, and competitively priced Hollywood tree services. We do tree and vegetation removal, tree trimming, grapple truck, and land-clearing services for residential and commercial properties.

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Our Hollywood Tree Service

Hollywood Tree Service

Tree Removal

Disease, damage, or safety concerns can turn a tree into a liability. In that case, removal of the dead or damaged tree becomes necessary. Mahalo Tree Service bonded and ISA Certified arborists will carefully assess your landscape to determine the best approach for tree removal on your property.

Hollywood Tree Trimming

Tree Trimming

Tree trimming and pruning are essential to stimulate trees’ growth and sustain their health and appearance. But incorrect trimming can cause damage and endanger the health of trees. Our skilled arborists will identify all issues with your trees and enhance their health and the beauty of your landscape.

Hollywood Grapple Truck service

Other Services

Besides tree trimming and removal, Hollywood tree service offers other services such as land clearing, grapple truck services, or tree debris removal. The arborist team at Mahalo Tree Service works hard to provide prompt and efficient tree services to maintain the health and appearance of trees and vegetation.

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